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Representing clients in Cincinnati and Dayton Bankruptcy Courts.
Serving clients in Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont Counties.

I have been practicing Bankruptcy Law since 1978, representing debtors and creditors in chapters 7, 11 and 13. I also served as a chapter 7 panel trustee.

For 20 years, I served as a trial attorney and as an Assistant United States Trustee with the Office of the United States Trustee, United States Department of Justice. In that capacity, I was responsible for the supervision of thousands of bankruptcy cases. I will bring that experience to represent you.

You are entitled to a "Fresh Start". With over 32 years of experience and personal attention to your situation, I have the experience and expertise to assist you.

The new Bankruptcy Law that went into effect in 2005 requires an experienced, trained attorney to guide you through the new requirements implemented by that law. For three years I enforced that law on behalf of the Department of Justice. For the past three years I have represented clients under that law. I have the knowledge and experience to represent you in the Bankruptcy Court.

I will personally handle your case. Your case will not be assigned to an inexperienced attorney or a paralegal. I will bring my 32 years of bankruptcy experience to represent you in your chapter 7 or chapter 13 case.

Neal J. Weill, Attorney at Law, LLC is focused on providing high-quality legal services - I will do everything I can to exceed your expectations.

Services Offered:

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Individual & Small Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Locating a Reliable Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney

Most of us have heard the old saying “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client”. The truth is, not a lot of people would want to handle their own legal issues but in searching for a dependable Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney they really aren’t sure where to look or what to look for.

There are a number of reasons a person might need to hire a competent Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney including family issues, business and real estate transactions, or legal representation to stop a foreclosure, garnishment or to prevent a repossession. It’s important that any time you seek out the services of any Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney you choose someone that is trained, dedicated and prompt.

Where do you begin if you find yourself in need of a Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney? Bankruptcy Attorneys usually specialize within a specific field of the law. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to find a Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney that practices within the area of law in which you need help.

Where to Search for a Qualified Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney

You should start by making a list of potentially qualified Bankruptcy Attorneys. It’s ok to ask friends, relatives and colleagues for recommendations, but only consider the names they provide if the Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney handled a case for them that was similar to yours. It’s possible that other professionals may have some advice as well. Real estate agents, accountants and government officials deal with Bankruptcy Attorneys on regular bases and they may be able to give you a good recommendation for your specific need.

Look in your local phone book to find the listing for the state’s Bar Association. Just about every state’s Bar Association will have a Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney referral service. They can give you a list of Bankruptcy Attorneys that might suit your needs. Since anyone can ask to be on the list be aware that the names you get won’t guarantee you the best Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney. You should still do your own research to see if they’re someone you want to follow up with.

There are a number of resources on the internet that can help in your search for a reliable Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney. Your search should bring up several directories that list Bankruptcy Attorneys in your area. You can narrow your search by city and type of practice. The most convenient part of using the computer is that you get to do some research on local Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorneys to help you decide if you even want to call them.

Setting up a Consultation with the Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney

After compiling your list, you should call each Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney that looks promising. You may have already made some initial contacts by email if you’ve used an online directory or referral service. This first contact can help you determine if you might feel comfortable with a specific Bankruptcy Attorney and if you want to make an appointment to discuss your case further.

Many Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorneys will give you a free initial consultation to talk over the facts of your case with you. This consultation is a great way to find out if you and a specific Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney are a good fit. If an Bankruptcy Attorney is going to represent you, you need to feel comfortable and trust this person. The consultation is also an ideal time to learn about an Bankruptcy Attorney’s experience and successes with cases similar to yours.

Make certain you request information about the cost and if there are payment terms available. Problems can be avoided when you and a Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney are clear about the cost right from the beginning. Getting the Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney fees in writing can help you can maintain a good relationship. It can save you a lot of problems later if you ask for everything in writing before you agree to anything.

Finding the Best Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney You can Trust

Be sure to ask for references from any Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney you might want to hire. You might be afraid of offending an Bankruptcy Attorney by questioning his qualifications but a dependable Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney with a good record will appreciate your asking and will usually be happy to show you his references. If any Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney seems annoyed or attempts to put you off when you ask for references, it might be best to cross him off your list.

It’s actually easy to find a Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney. Finding a good Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney may take a little work. Finding a good Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney that is familiar and experienced with your type of case and is someone you trust implicitly may be no easy feat. Don’t forget that an Bankruptcy Attorney is often literally responsible for the life of his client. Of course most cases are not that severe but when you hire a Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney for any legal matter you want to feel certain he is someone that will be skilled and dedicated in getting the job done.

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. Feel free to get in touch by electronic mail, letters or phone calls. This does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please, until we have established an attorney-client relationship, do not pass along any confidential information to us.


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